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Serious Farm Security

Farmers can rest assured when it comes to protecting their land & assets as we can offer solutions to prevent theft from happening.
A typical example to protect a farm could be by installing one of our unique early warning systems.
These have been designed to immediately alert farmers when trespassers start to approach their site, giving valued time to act before any attempted theft has been made.

Instant or delayed switching will give the element of surprise to the any Thief! 

These can include:

  • Security Lighting
  • Extremely Loud Sirens
  • CCTV
  • Closing of Gates etc
Let Maxtec Farm Security protect your vulnerable areas by installing the latest Wirefree Radio Equipment.

We don’t need power, cables or phone lines for our systems to work but can achieve incredible long distances using this equipment, how does several km’s sound?
We’ll design a unique system to suit your requirements, we offer full after sales technical support, on site repairs, yearly checks and can even do system take overs!